Solar dish Stirling generator set


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1. Product characteristics. 
1. The condensing performance is good, the condensing ratio is more than 1200 times; 
2. Efficient conversion: photoelectric conversion rate of 33%; 
3. Direct photoelectric conversion, very little water; 
4. No terrain restrictions, 30 degree slope, hilly hillsides can be installed; 
5. The utility model can be centralized and connected to the power grid, and can also be set up off-grid and distributed power stations. 
6. To meet the needs of a single unit 25KW independent operation to the megawatt level above the medium and large scale cluster power station;


2. Application field

1. Suitable for the construction of large scale solar photothermal power generation electric field. 
2. The utility model is suitable for the establishment of distributed power stations, and can be applied to oil fields, remote mountainous areas without or short of electricity, frontier guard posts, pastoral areas, etc. 
3. Suitable for the establishment of an independent "one house", "one apartment on the first floor", "relaying station", "microwave station" from, connected to the grid of power supply; 
4. Construction of centralized or distributed heating systems


3. Technical index and main parameters

(1) Disc focus tracking system (25KW). 
Opening radius: 6280mm. 
Specular reflectivity: 93 per cent. 
Projected area: 92 square metres. 
Area: 4 square metres. 
Annual average solar irradiation data requirements (DNI): & gt;=2000. 
Temperature condition: -25 ℃ -40 ℃. 
Tracking method / accuracy: Azimuth, altitude, biaxial tracking / 1mrad. 
Tracking range: azimuth 0 °-360 °pitching angle-10-90 °. 
(2) Stirling engine parameters (25KW). 
Rated output power: 25KW. 
Engine speed: 1500rpm. 
Working fluid: helium or hydrogen. 
Input energy: & gt;=90KW. 
Length × width × height (m): 1.3 × 1.1 × 1.8. 
Engine weight: 925KG

4. Competitive advantage of dish Stirling photothermal power generation system and other solar power generation systems

1. Maintenance convenience. 
Because the disc Stirling is a single module independent operation, any unit problems will not affect the operation of other units, compared to the trough tower much simpler. 
2. Environmental protection. 
Dish type Stirling, trough type, tower type photothermal power generation system adopts tracking system to follow the solar track to rotate, to the vegetation of the environment protection installation place, the ecology of the crops has no influence, because the photovoltaic plate does not move all the year round, the plant can't accept the light. Causing vegetation to wither and decay. 
3. area covered. 
(take 20MW as an example), the area of solar disk forest: 480mu (point of land); solar photovoltaic area: 1600 mu; photovoltaic cover 3.33 times of the disk system.


5. Scope of application


6. Generation cost analysis

Economic Analysis and comparison of Disc Stirling Photothermal Power Generation and PV Power Generation (taking 20MW as an example):

I. comparison of electricity generation over the life cycle (tentatively based on 25 years)

1. Solar disk Stirling power generation: 933.45 million kilowatt-hour electricity; 
2. Solar photovoltaic power generation: 652.88 million kilowatts; 
3. The power generation of the disk system is 1.43 times as much as that of the photovoltaic system. 
4. The service life of the actual disk type Stirling is 30 years, the power generation is stable, there is no power attenuation. 
(photovoltaics decays by 2% per year)

II. Payback period. 
1.20MW PV power station investment of 210 million yuan (including land re-purchase fees); 
2.20 MW Disc Stirling Investment: RMB 320 million (including land purchase fee); 
3.20Mb PV plant investment payback period: 11.45 years; 
4.20 North Watt Disc Stirling payback period: 9.73 years.

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The company was founded in May 2015, the paid-in capital reached 102 million, with the continuous advancement of the company's innovation projects, we have received 3 invention patents, 15 utility model patents, and 3 software copyrights. 
In addition, 9 invention patents and 1 utility model patent are being accepted.

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