Hot gas Stirling power plant


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Product introduction

Hot-gas Stirling cogeneration unit is a kind of device which can absorb the heat of flue gas and air at medium and high temperature and produce electric energy and heat energy. 
The unit absorbs high temperature heat energy (above 600 degrees) through the front part heating head, drives the Stirling engine to run, drives the generator to generate electricity, at the same time, the heat energy produced by the combustion chamber can be output to realize the heating function.

Product characteristics

High efficiency, low noise, no pollution, low running cost. 
The utility model is suitable for many kinds of complex heat sources, realizes the cogeneration of heat and power, automates remote monitoring and control, and can be operated separately from the grid.


1. Recovery and Utilization of tail Gas from Furnace and Kiln. 
2. Application of Hazardous Gas treatment in Refinery. 
3. Solar High temperature Thermal Storage for Power Generation and heating. 
4. Biomass Incineration, waste Incineration, Gasification for Power Generation and heating. 
5. Use of hot gas for refrigeration and power generation

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The company was founded in May 2015, the paid-in capital reached 102 million, with the continuous advancement of the company's innovation projects, we have received 3 invention patents, 15 utility model patents, and 3 software copyrights. In addition, 9 invention patents and 1 utility model patent are being accepted.

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